Hi! I’m Raquel Villa

A London based artist currently working at XK studio as a generalist senior 3D designer.
I work with Houdini (Octane, Karma / Solaris, Redshift), Nuke, After Effects, etc.

I thrive when I have the opportunity to combine creative direction with designing and simulating systems.
Being involved in the very initial stages of the project makes me understand it more and therefore try my best in the search of the most genuine outcome. Besides exploring look and style frames, I love animating and editing - I enjoy crazy cameras and eternal flowing shots that convey a story, especially if it’s a bit surreal.

I come from Madrid, where I studied architecture, which gave me a beautiful opportunity to cultivate a passion for exploring parametric systems and building fantasy worlds.
This naturally evolved into experimenting with 3D and eventually took me to London, where I have been living for the last few years.

Let’s talk :)

Publications / Exhibitions / Presence
Metamorphika, “Up in the Clouds” exhibition in collaboration with Lukas Rafik Mayer (London, 2024)
Softer Digital Futures, “But its a dream” exhibition (London, 2024)
Sessional Houdini Lecturer at Ravensbourne University London, at BA (Hons) in Motion Graphics (London, 2024)
Taupe Magazine, Layers of the Same World”, feature in collaboration with Ariel Lu (Berlin, 2022)
MMMAD Art, “Strange Other World” exhibition (Madrid, 2020)
MMMAD Art, face filter digital residency with Paula Jiménez (Madrid, 2020)
Href Zine, feature for Technoid Natures (Berlin, 2020)