Self Recursive loops

A miscellany of self explorative pieces done throughout 2017-2024, in no particular order.

Ouchhhh Tonsillitis!
September 2018

After the summer, my sister opened her mouth and had these things inside her throat.

Sunday Butterfly Hunting
March 2021

A few solstices ago 
June 2022

Other Viruses
January 2019

Jelly Jam Spread 
April 2023

Eggcentric dream,
All natural amber hue

August 2022

For Mack’s birthday.

On contagious formworks
September 2018

Not the jellyfish we found this summer
August 2020

Rough Silk
January 2019

“Like rough silk
expertly upholstered
on the tiniest insect skin”

Words by Grace Houghton

Cosmic Rain
September 2021

Finger Lobster on Canvas 
January 2019

Bubble Wrap
April 2020

A vigorous walk
April 2020

Foil Wrapped Corn
February 2019

Braided Time
June 2020

March 2020

January 2018

Flowers for Grandma
June 2018

Sunset Sea Urchin
June 2018

Night for Day
April 2020

Seasonal Motion
April 2020