Kinetic Clay - Google Deepmind 

Visualising AI is an initiative by Google Deepmind & Google that aims to open up conversations around AI.
XK studio was commisioned to create two films.

Kinetic Clay poetically depicts how artists can creatively collaborate with AGI in the future.
AI can offer new points of view, speed up the process and lead to new territories, while we always remain the driving force.

Starting off with a human hand manipulating a block of digital clay, we witness an interactive dance between human / AGI and the harmonious rhythm between them. The two actors continuously build upon and inspire
each other's movements and outputs, bringing to life a hypnotic, ever-evolving sculpture.” by XK studio

Year: August 2023
Client: Google Deepmind
Audio: Chris Banks

Design & Production: XK studio
Role: design, animation, simulation, mocap hand dancing, look dev, compositing.

Research and development

To accurately capture the human feel, we used motion capture data using the Rokoko smartgloves.