“First issue in XK studio new research series, XKR_001 is a speculative design project that examines the aesthetics of footwear and the craft of tailoring in a digital realm.

The sneaker has been re-imagined and articulated in various material styles, while it’s core components, it’s thread, cloth, patterns and colours are deconstructed and re-assembled into new forms and digitally tailored sculptures. These are inflated, stretched, bent and twisted to explore their behaviour under various constraints and forces.”  by XK studio

Year: August 2022
Audio: Zelig Sound
Direction, design & production: XK studio

Graphic Design: Léo Imbert
Role: design, animation, simulation, look dev, editing, compositing


Research and development

It was the most fun to digitally deconstruct the concept of the sneaker.
Starting with small case studies to stress test different behaviours and arrangements gave the R&D phase a completly new meaning. 
With these simplified structural patterns, it was very easy to iterate and try out ideas very quickly. Then, designing the final sneaker out of these patches of various simulations was also a very smooth process in a methodical yet playful way.