Hublot Sapphire Rainbow

“Hublot are introducing the Classic Fusion Sapphire Rainbow watch. To help launch this contemporary timepiece, XK studio created a film that playfully examines the main components of the watch and its craftsmanship.
Intricate mechanics of the HUB1214 movement, crystal cut 45mm-diameter sapphire case, transparent lined rubber strap, and finally, the iconic “flower” made from 487 stones come together in a surreal choreography “  by XK studio

Year: December 2021
Client: Hublot
Audio: Zelig Sound

Design & Production: XK studio
Role: design, animation, simulation

Research and development

The catalyzer of all the explorations was feeling genuine playful, yet transmitting gracefulness to portray the energy that the Sapphire Rainbow Watch irradiates. 
I was very happy to deeply explore lively animations, guided simulations and to try multitude of styles while lighting/shading/rendering in the research and development phase.