Layers of the Same World, Taupe Magazine

Layers of the Same World is a very special way of communication Ariel Lu and I shared with Taupe Magazine as our collaboration for the second issue, “As Above, so Below”.

At the start, I was absorbed with moving landscapes and very detailed textural formations in motion, and Ariel was interested in the design and movements of soft robotics.
Then, feeling attracted to the way Taupe Magazine was looking at creativity as an ecosystem, we cross-contaminated each others worlds. In my case, by integrating Ariel's delicate soft and rounded shape simulations as another layer of the landscape development. Then, after simulating these new landscapes adapted to her shapes, I gaver her the textures obtained from these heighfields simulations (water, debris, sediments) to use on the skin and look of her soft robotics shapes, closing the loop.

Year: December 2022
Team: Ariel Lu and Raquel Villa
For: Taupe Magazine