“Comissioned by Stockholm Konst, ‘Submerge’ is part of a series of moving artworks, screened amongst the commotion of the city and designed to evoke tranquility, calmness and wonder.” by XK studio  

Year: January 2023
Commisioned by: Stockholm Konst
Audio: Chris Banks

Design & Production: XK studio
Type Design: Léo Imbert
Role: design, animation, simulation, look dev, editing, compositing

On site photograpy by Giulia Cairone

Research process

Submerge came to life by looking at some unused R&D tests for another project with new eyes. 
The softness from the very initial shapes sparked enough curiosity to continue exploring this system and see what could emerge from it until the very end.

It could be this abstract underwater creature, just being in the depths of the ocean where there’s barely no light.
And just when we discover it, it gets a bit scared and starts to spew a weird metallic liquid as a way of beautiful self defense, getting covered by it, while still moving, because it’s still a bit scared.