Hublot Neon Yellow Saxem

“Hublot are introducing the Classic Fusion Sapphire Rainbow watch. To help launch this contemporary timepiece, XK studio created a film that playfully examines the main components of the watch and its craftsmanship.
The unique and highly technical layout emphasizes the spectacular aesthetics of the tourbillon and its contemporary design.” by XK studio

Year: January 2023
Client: Hublot
Audio: Chris Banks
Design & Production: XK studio
Graphic Design: Léo Imbert
Role: set and city design/animation, rendering

Research and development

I focused on the design and motion of the environment; the set and the city.
The main idea of deconstructing and reassembling the core materials from the Neon Saxem watch allowed us to find a wide spectrum of scenarios where we could capture the essence of the watch while still preserving a sense of playfulness.